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About SST New Zealand

Mission Statement

SST New Zealand strives to supply adjuvants and spray additives that achieve the following objectives:
- Fulfill unmet market needs
- Exceed the standards for quality, effectiveness and value of its competitors
- Delivered on time
- Supported with expert technical service and advice
- Environmentally responsible and beneficial


SST New Zealand Ltd was incorporated in 2004, however it has been selling adjuvants and spray additives for agriculture, horticulture and turf in New Zealand since 1997. From 1997 to 2003 SST's business in New Zealand was carried out through a joint venture company known as Gullf AG NZ Ltd. That joint venture ceased trading in 2004 and the business was from that point carried out directly under SST NZ Ltd. SST NZ's products are manufactured in Auckland NZ and Melbourne Australia.

SST NZ's parent company was formed in 1991 with the purpose to develop adjuvants and spray additives built on the expertise of its founder John Illingworth. This expertise was acquired through 16 years experience with ICI Australia Specialty Chemicals Group in research and development, sales and marketing of specialty surfactants for agriculture.


Managing Director John Illingworth
NZ Agent and representative for SST New Zealand Dave Thomson

Research and Development

SST New Zealand maintains a key focus on Research and Development. SST New Zealand maintains awareness of the latest developments in the area of adjuvants through its membership and participation in international symposiums, meetings and societies.

SST's research and development has resulted in the establishment of many successful innovative products with well known brands such as:

SPREADWET Nonionic wetting agent
WAIKEN Dormancy breaker for horticultural crops
DRIFTEX Additive to minimize spray drift
LONGLIFE MARKING FOAM All purpose long lasting marking foam
KWICKIN Adjuvant oil for post-emergent herbicides
ENVIRODYE Environmentally compatible marking dyes
AQUAFORCE Penetrative wetting agent for turf
INJECTAFORCE Injectable broadacre wetting agent for turf
BI-AGRA Moisture retainer and turf maintenance additive


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